Bratislava's new beacon, mixed-use hub for businesses...

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Bratislava city center 8min
Bratislava airport 3min
Schwechat 30min
Wien 50min

Urban area total 470 641 m2
Built-up area total 140 915 m2
Floor area total 392 094 m2

Thanks to the future high-speed rail link between Bratislava airport and the Austrian Schwechat airport, and thanks to the motorway linking us to Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic, Pharos will become a business centre in the European sense.

Pharos is all about balance, which is why an equally important part of our project includes shopping centres, cafés and restaurants. Open public realm and lively passageways offer visitors the opportunity to relax and to enjoy their day off with their family or friends.


Open from 07/2014


Open from 05/2015


Opening 2Q/2020


Open from 09/2015


Opening 1Q/2019